Privet, Hello, Selyam aleikum), vsem kto popal syuda.

Eta stranicka – nebolshoe predstavlenie o sebe:

My name is – Izzet

Who I am – a male with some interests in life, in living, working, resting and etc….

Company work in – EPAM Systems

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  1. Hello Izzet,
    I am interested in your work on the GWT-Chrome bridge. I am new to GWT and am just learning it, but I am using it to create extensions for Chrome and Firefox. I contacted the SpeedTracer team initially to ask about the gwt-chrome project that is already established but dormant. Here is my post on the SpeedTracer Dev group. http://groups.google.com/group/speedtracer-dev/browse_thread/thread/2fb82409c5518b48

    Bottom line, there is interest in breaking this code out of SpeedTracer into it’s own project but they don’t have time. If we can get someone at Google to create and back the project, that would be the best solution. Would you be interested in merging what you have done with the latest SpeedTracer code in a Google backed project?


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