Guitr – the ease of git usage with multi-git-per-project structure

Today I’ve pushed a gem to ease of git pull/status actions on multi-modules projects with git repository per project.

What I mean about multi-modules projects – this is a case when you have some modules/projects with separate git repositories. To avoid manually entering into each directory to perform pulling or checking the status you can install guitr and relax a bit 😉

To install guitr use following command:

[sudo] gem install guitr

To check status use following command:

guitr --status [path_to_repo]  #path is optional argument and if not specified guitr will use current directory as a base directory to start walk from.
guitr --pull [path_to_repo] #Invokes git pull per each git working directory

Fow this time that’s it what guitr can do.

Stay up-to-date here

Enjoy playing guitr 😉

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