Guitr – the ease of git usage with multi-git-repo-project structure v0.0.4

Recently new version of the guitr ruby gem was pushed and ready to use.

There are following changes were made since my first post about this gem:

  • –unpushed operation – helps to check what was commited but havn’t pushed yet
  • –pull operation was refactored to a standard git pull command
  • –status operation was refactored to a standard git status command as well
  • git operation error stops guitr invocation bug was fixed
  • spec coverage was enhanced

What’s next.

In the future time I’m going to implement push operation and integrate with to handle command line arguments.

And in the far future time commits, think it can help to have one message for commits across several repositories related to one feature/user story.

That’s it, thanks for your time.

Enjoy playing guitr 😉

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