Kyiv GTUG HTML5 hackathon #chromekyiv.

Last saturday (23.10.10) I was a participant of the HTML5 hackathon day organized by Kyiv GTUG can be followed in twitter #chromekyiv . There were a lot of fun.

Excellent speech by Michael Mahemoff @mahemoff about HTML5 features and perfect talks at coffee-breaks and lunch. I’ve got a lot of good impressions and spent my day with a big pleasure.

After Michael’s speech we had a lunch, during that we (@yasik and @shooshpanchick and me aka @webdizz) were involved in discussions regarding different aspects of developer’s life and technologies and generating ideas for our demos.

From the beginning of idea generating period of the day we decided to build up an app that will show tweets on the Earth rotating with appropriate speed  from twitter . But after several attempts to get a developer key we’ve got stocked. was down:(. It was a really shame.

Then we decided to move to something another and again was in a stock.

And time gone on…

So at last we found out an idea to work with. We decided to build an extension for Google Chrome to grab addresses from current page and display those addresses on the Google Maps or on the Yandex Maps and dived in coding.

Our extension contains HTML5 elements tag “nav” in the menu to choose map to display found addresses on and tag “canvas” circles to highlight found and not found addresses on the Google Maps. Also there is a lot of JavaScript magic.

So, time again was against us and it blown out.

The time for demo begun. We were first to demonstrate our work and seems it was ok according to results.

There are following results, we took first place as a team and one girl between all participants Anna Shaban with CSS3 photo gallery and hard-to-describe visual effect involving your name being shown at a million angles and opacities.

All winners were awarded with great presents and invitation to GDD 2010 in Moscow.

I’d like to thank to people who organized such a great event from Kyiv GTUG and to Michael Mahemoff.

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