Thought about build infrustructure

What makes software workable?

In Java world it’s obvious that to make software workable we need to compile it and package into jar file or whatever to be deployed to your container or simply ran as desktop application.

With TDD way to develop software we got understandable necessity to compile and run automatic tests. There are different kind of tests (unit, function, integration etc) and approaches like BDD, but the main idea is to automate testing process of what you written. In terms of build there are additional steps to be done to make software ready to be deployed.

So the conclusion is to make software workable not only in Java we need a build scripts. Often build scripts are written in different language then application one, for example, Ant – XML, Buildr – Ruby, Maven – XML etc. And some times teams argue that they required some person to do the build job. But if we account several points depicted above it’s obious that build scripts are part of developing software we’re writing. And team should care about scripts. Another point to this is the ability to know something new with your build tool, infrastructure, environment configuration stuff and etc.

So let’s do your build job by yourself it’s too important to be left to someone else.

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