That’s a power of open source

While reading “The Passionate Programmer” I found next thought…

In the “Release your code” chapter there us a phrase regarding ability to have a note in your resume “Rails committer”… I feel so truth in this, even not just for resume, just for fun. It is incredible to be part of some of huge amount of open source communities…

There is a recipe, which I had a chance to follow some time ago with Buildr:

“Take a piece of open source software with unit tests. Run the unit tests through a code cov- erage analyzer. Find the least-tested part of the system and write tests to improve the coverage of that code. Untested code is often untestable code. Refactor to make the code more testable. Submit your change as a patch.

The beautiful thing about this is it’s measurable and can be done quickly. There’s no excuse not to try it.”

Let’s try.

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