#Deployment #orchestration tools

There is a set of open source deployment orchestration tools I’d like to keep in hands:

As for me this is much more interesting tool comparing to rest due it’s distributive nature, speed and scaleability. It provides a transport for Capistrano and seems not so hard to set up. It has one big issue – usage of torrent peer-to-peer transport protocol (BitTornado), in some companies it could be illegal to use. But torrent’s transport is a working horse in Murder’s case.

This tool is written in Ruby and this year was re-incarnated. After 5 years there is a new version 3.x with quite nice promises. We were used it at one project to deploy several huge Java applications but within scale Capistrano was lug a bit.

This tool is light-weight also written in Ruby. As for me it’s quite similar to Capistrano but seems should be a bit different due to used SSH library called  Weave https://github.com/cespare/weave.

That’s probably it to remind me some time later.

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