The fancy #workplace with #work #standing capabilities by @stiystil

There were already a several years I’m practicing to work standing at least several hours a day. I used to approach this differently starting from simply putting boxes on top of a table. Another approach I was using is to have a special stand made in country where everything currently is made. I also had an attempt to build a self-rising table with linear motors. But all mentioned solutions were not kind of fit what I really would like to have.

So finally I’ve got a link to product from and decided to try. So now I’m pretty confident this is what I need, I do not have to change my workplace set up, all I need is to put a stand on top of a table and I have a really easy to use standing/sitting desk. One more point is it really looks nice and quite convenient for day-to-day usage.

And finally here is an evidence: 

Stand by @stiystil

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