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#Docker with #Nvidia runtime for #Deep #Learning

Just recently got to know that it’s possible to leverage CUDA and cuDNN inside Docker.

Basically what is needed is corresponding Docker image that can be found here  installation of Nvidia Docker runtime and to configure Docker daemon to use nvidia as a default runtime in /etc/docker/daemon.json. as it was described here and bellow there is an example of my config:

      "default-runtime": "nvidia",
      "runtimes": {
          "nvidia": {
              "path": "/usr/bin/nvidia-container-runtime",
              "runtimeArgs": []

Last month was full of important moments

Last month or so was really excited and full of different and important moments.

First of all, I become a father, my son was born 12 May, he is just amazing.

What else, well there was a chain of conferences/meetups I was speaking at and here are some links :

The latest #SonarQube inside #Docker ready to check you #Java #code #quality

Here is my version of Docker container to run SonarQube with set of plugins to enable code quality analysis for Java based projects .

To use it you can pull Docker container:

docker pull webdizz/sonarqube-plugins:latest

There is also a Fig example to run SonarQube that you can check out from my Github repository https://github.com/webdizz/docker-sonarqube-plugins