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#Bootstrap your #Mac

Some time ago I started to use Boxen to manage my laptop  and here is a link and  recently my MBP was stolen and it helped me a lot and saved lots of time. Also invested effort helped me a lot to bootstrap one more MBP provided by company I was working for. 

However recently it was clearly visible that Boxen is not maintained and even GitHub switched to another tool which simplifies things a lot which is called Strap.

Strap  is based on Homebrew and Homebrew Bundle using which it’s quite easy to manage installation of required software, set up services using Homebrew Services and even applications from Homebrew Cask and applications from AppStore using mas.

If there is an interest you can checkout my GitHub repositories homebrew bundle and dotfiles.

Let’s do it on Mac

Some time ago I joined happy Mac owners.

It was just great to realize long leaving dream and to have nice UI with powerful shell (comparing to Windows) without necessity to configure everything you need (comparing to Linux).

Last dream I have for now is to instal 16Gb of RAM to my MBP.

As for working conditions it become more solid and full of beauty. There is only one hitch – what to do with leave 2x2Gb RAM and bought some time before Mac game mouse? BTW If someone is interesting in it I can sell these stuff for a good price ;).

It’s seems like post is like set of impressions without any order but it’s just a happiness to hold the MBP in your hands.

I wish you to be happy!..