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Just one more great cheers to @travisci

I’ve just finished preparing a demo for my upcoming talk at EPAM SEC 2013 regarding build tool Buildr.

The idea is to demonstrate usage of Buildr for building of some open source projects. I chosen next projects, written in different programming languages, CodeNarc on Groovy, JUnit on Java and spring-scala module on Scala.

It’s ok, I’ve done with switching of build to Buildr, but there is a constraint for talk – I cannot use my laptop to live demo. I was thinking about remote connection, VM preparation, and finally come up with idea to use Travis CI.

After some reading of documentation and playing with Travis CI build configuration I compete my set up, and it just wonderful how it’s easy and pretty straight forward to achieve continuous integration for open source project.

There was one trick though with using of Ruby kind of project to build Java related source code, but it was easily done with help of Bundler to install Buildr and then just execute it’s commands through

bundle exec buildr clean test

Here are my set ups:

Thanks Travis CI for great job.

#JavaDayKiev 2013 interesting topics

This fall is quite rich for upcoming event in software engineering industry in Kyiv. One more interesting conference is JavaDay 2013.

And here is a list of interest topics I’d like to visit:

By the way this year I’m going to take active part in it  and here is my topic Groovy MOPping.

Hope to see you there.

* – even I have my session scheduled for the same time 😉


Groovy and noteworthy

There is a slide deck from my recent talk at JUG UA Aug 8th dedicated to Groovy.

Along with my talk there were additional topics related to Scala and Closure. More details could be found there “JVM-based languages: Scala, Clojure, Groovy” with video and presentations from other speakers. The main idea of this meeting was to demonstrate main concepts of JVM-based languages, what are specials, how to getting started.

It was really fun to have a talk, audience asked a lot of different questions and it was really dynamic and interactive conversation.

Thanks for coming, enjoy a deck and keep coding:)