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#Bootstrap your #Mac

Some time ago I started to use Boxen to manage my laptop  and here is a link and  recently my MBP was stolen and it helped me a lot and saved lots of time. Also invested effort helped me a lot to bootstrap one more MBP provided by company I was working for. 

However recently it was clearly visible that Boxen is not maintained and even GitHub switched to another tool which simplifies things a lot which is called Strap.

Strap  is based on Homebrew and Homebrew Bundle using which it’s quite easy to manage installation of required software, set up services using Homebrew Services and even applications from Homebrew Cask and applications from AppStore using mas.

If there is an interest you can checkout my GitHub repositories homebrew bundle and dotfiles.

#Devoxx #takeaways

Last November was part of great conference in Antwerp, Belgium, believe most Java developers know it’s a Devoxx.

First of all thanks to organizers for such a great event and especially for the ability to free and almost instantly to access session recordings.

Here are some my takeaways to deep dive further.

The most interesting theme for me was attention to security, this topic was important and is becoming more and more important nowadays. So there are several related sessions to check out:

Fabric8 and OpenShift 3 was already on my radar, however Devoxx made me think more eagerly of it and here is a quicky on it

The next topic I’d like to deep dive a bit more is surprisingly JavaScript, right even if there a lot of pain points throwing by Java developers and here are some insights on it from Java world:

There was also huge attention to data streaming and related architectures

One more important point of software development is documentation and there was also attention to it: