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#Devoxx #takeaways

Last November was part of great conference in Antwerp, Belgium, believe most Java developers know it’s a Devoxx.

First of all thanks to organizers for such a great event and especially for the ability to free and almost instantly to access session recordings.

Here are some my takeaways to deep dive further.

The most interesting theme for me was attention to security, this topic was important and is becoming more and more important nowadays. So there are several related sessions to check out:

Fabric8 and OpenShift 3 was already on my radar, however Devoxx made me think more eagerly of it and here is a quicky on it

The next topic I’d like to deep dive a bit more is surprisingly JavaScript, right even if there a lot of pain points throwing by Java developers and here are some insights on it from Java world:

There was also huge attention to data streaming and related architectures

One more important point of software development is documentation and there was also attention to it:



The latest #SonarQube inside #Docker ready to check you #Java #code #quality

Here is my version of Docker container to run SonarQube with set of plugins to enable code quality analysis for Java based projects .

To use it you can pull Docker container:

docker pull webdizz/sonarqube-plugins:latest

There is also a Fig example to run SonarQube that you can check out from my Github repository

#Java version switching on #OS X

If you have to deal with several projects that are based on different versions of Java here is how I’m solving this.

Recently I found out built-in OS X capabilities to switch between different version of Java installed on your system. After some period of time using it I come up with aliases to easily switch between Java versions installed on my machine, here are they:

alias j6='export JAVA_HOME="`/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.6`"'
alias j7='export JAVA_HOME="`/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.7`"'
alias j8='export JAVA_HOME="`/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.8`"'
alias j9='export JAVA_HOME="`/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.9`"'

#JEEConf Kyiv 2014 – Follow up

Recent 2 days were just amazing, if you ask me why here is an answer – I was at JEEConf in Kyiv.

It was quite good conference with lot of option to get some fresh ideas in software development with Java. Among speakers from Ukraine there were a lot from other countries like UK, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Egypt, Greece, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands and Russia etc.

I need to mention that organization was well done, there were even lunch for attendees.

As for talks I really liked here they are:

I was among speakers with topic regarding necessity to use metrics in your application and usage of Metrics framework developed by Coda Hale and here is slides to this talk Metrics by coda hale : to know your app’ health

So to recap, thanks to organizers for great conference and ability to take part in it.

Looking forward to be there again next year…

And here is embedded slides:


Just one more great cheers to @travisci

I’ve just finished preparing a demo for my upcoming talk at EPAM SEC 2013 regarding build tool Buildr.

The idea is to demonstrate usage of Buildr for building of some open source projects. I chosen next projects, written in different programming languages, CodeNarc on Groovy, JUnit on Java and spring-scala module on Scala.

It’s ok, I’ve done with switching of build to Buildr, but there is a constraint for talk – I cannot use my laptop to live demo. I was thinking about remote connection, VM preparation, and finally come up with idea to use Travis CI.

After some reading of documentation and playing with Travis CI build configuration I compete my set up, and it just wonderful how it’s easy and pretty straight forward to achieve continuous integration for open source project.

There was one trick though with using of Ruby kind of project to build Java related source code, but it was easily done with help of Bundler to install Buildr and then just execute it’s commands through

bundle exec buildr clean test

Here are my set ups:

Thanks Travis CI for great job.