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Last month was full of important moments

Last month or so was really excited and full of different and important moments.

First of all, I become a father, my son was born 12 May, he is just amazing.

What else, well there was a chain of conferences/meetups I was speaking at and here are some links :

#JEEConf Kyiv 2014 – Follow up

Recent 2 days were just amazing, if you ask me why here is an answer – I was at JEEConf in Kyiv.

It was quite good conference with lot of option to get some fresh ideas in software development with Java. Among speakers from Ukraine there were a lot from other countries like UK, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Egypt, Greece, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands and Russia etc.

I need to mention that organization was well done, there were even lunch for attendees.

As for talks I really liked here they are:

I was among speakers with topic regarding necessity to use metrics in your application and usage of Metrics framework developed by Coda Hale and here is slides to this talk Metrics by coda hale : to know your app’ health

So to recap, thanks to organizers for great conference and ability to take part in it.

Looking forward to be there again next year…

And here is embedded slides:


Development environment #agile way @agileee

Today I gave a little talk in Pecha Kucha format at AgileEE 2013, it was quite unusual but really fun, I hope I did not missed too many slides and audience got some understanding from it 😉

Today there were a set of agile related talks, I really liked next once:

Tomorrow there will be even more interesting talks like:

Enjoy AgileEE this year.

#JavaDayKiev 2013 interesting topics

This fall is quite rich for upcoming event in software engineering industry in Kyiv. One more interesting conference is JavaDay 2013.

And here is a list of interest topics I’d like to visit:

By the way this year I’m going to take active part in it  and here is my topic Groovy MOPping.

Hope to see you there.

* – even I have my session scheduled for the same time 😉


Groovy and noteworthy

There is a slide deck from my recent talk at JUG UA Aug 8th dedicated to Groovy.

Along with my talk there were additional topics related to Scala and Closure. More details could be found there “JVM-based languages: Scala, Clojure, Groovy” with video and presentations from other speakers. The main idea of this meeting was to demonstrate main concepts of JVM-based languages, what are specials, how to getting started.

It was really fun to have a talk, audience asked a lot of different questions and it was really dynamic and interactive conversation.

Thanks for coming, enjoy a deck and keep coding:)